The Snack

Disclaimer: Every now and then, even the most serious professional has to relax and have a break. This page is a "mental snack". Its content can be anything. The content can be related to software quality but most often it will not be. The update interval is guaranteed to be irregular but random. Now, enjoy The Snack!

"Pearls Before Swine" is one of the cartoons I enjoy daily. Check it out, the animals are hilarious. Just remember that only some of the animals in the strip can talk and act human. But most still don't.

The Crocs are (so far unsuccessfully) after their neighbor, Mr. Zebra. Just as Mr. Zebra was getting used to the hopeless antics of the slightly stupid crocs, he got new next door neighbors. A pride of lions. But in the selected strip, the secret brotherhood of crocs is attempting to use ninja tactics to catch their prey.

Pearls Before Swine