Our customers:

CRF Box OyCross Country Systems ABRocket Science Oy
Atostek OyWapice OyTieto-X Oyj (nowadays Ixonos Oyj)

...and many, many others!

Customer summary

Customer company count:63 (45 inhouse, 18 in public courses)
Participant count since 1-Feb-06:750
Sessions held:98 (45x DayTick, 53x QuickTick)
Published articles and papers:4

Our customers represent a huge variety of application areas:

EnergyHeart rate monitoringTelecommunications
High reliability on-board software for space missionsIndustrial gas systems (flow measurement and control equipment)Business communication management software
Life sciences (wireless data collection)Mining and constructionSoftware development (networked services, business applications)
Mobile software (CRM, ERP)Network managementSubcontracting (telecommunications, wireless)
SubcontractingClinical laboratory information systemsEmbedded software systems
Embedded software development (automotive)Software services (business applications and embedded)Antivirus software and internet security
Test and manufacturing solutions for electronics manufacturingFinancialCalibration equipment
Information security and mobility management softwareProcess and quality vision systemsSubcontracting (mobile phones)
Information systemsMobile processesLogistics
Embedded software development (real-time data transfer)EducationCivil security and defence
Smart network terminalsEmbedded software and hardware development (automotive and wireless)Resale, maintenance, training and consultation
Embedded software developmentEnterprise purchase to pay and financial managementSubcontracting (embedded sw, business applications, enterprise infrastructures)
Defence and security technology, industrial automation technologyReal estate maintenance and construction information managementVehicle telematics, fleet management and telemetry equipment
Cash flow automationMobile gamesMultimedia applications for the Symbian OS
Subcontracting (mobile industry)Software and system design (image processing, database and hardware)Subcontracting, embedded software
Subcontracting, network management software, quality assuranceEngineering and data management softwareSoftware development (ERP, CRM, Internet services)
Embedded software development (Bluetooth)