Open Letter to Software Development Managers

Hi, and welcome to As the proprietor of this establishment, I'd like to wish You a pleasant stay. May You find what You are looking for.

My name is Miska Hiltunen and I have certain philosophy about software development. I call it 'Qualiteering'. Qualiteering is striving towards the unreachable ideal of software quality within reasonable effort. Qualiteering is maximising the return on software quality investment. It is acting for quality with effectivity and regularity.

Code inspection is essential to Qualiteering. I am a world-class expert in matters of code inspection. I have experience in setting up formal software Inspections (described by Gilb and Graham) in an organization of about 80 engineers. I've been to code walkthrough meetings, studied literature on inspections, walkthroughs and technical reviews, tried pair programming and having become wiser from all this, I've developed my own method to inspect code. It differs from traditional reviews in these ways.

To make matters practical, I've developed a training day for the method. It is extremely lightweight and simple to organise (You'll be surprised). It can be strengthened with an optional monitoring module, which helps guarantee the return on investment. Bigger companies might want to consider the licensing option and use their own trainer staff. I can also be consulted in matters of metrics definition and collection, as well as other types of software quality issues. If I can't help, I'll be sure to find somebody who can in my network of colleagues.

As proof of my professionalism and internationalism I'll tell You that over 800 software developers from seven countries have taken part in my training courses. The fact that the developers originate from fifty companies tells how well the methods suits to any kind of development process (agile, waterfall or something in between) and application areas. Companies developing cash flow systems as well as companies developing realtime software for space satellites can utilise the method.

Quantity is one thing, but what about quality? A field test shows a significant improvement in developer capability of locating issues in source code. With just a two-hour training, almost 80 software developers found on average five times more items than before.


Any software developer, no matter how experienced, can benefit from the new ideas and checking technique of the DayTick training course. The application area and programming language almost don't matter at all. The best solution for an organisation is to train all software developers, but not necessarily all at once. Just like quality, the training can cover everybody sooner or later, if it is applied regularly and often enough.

Contact me for the price and other information. (Remove the word "REMOVE" from the address.)

PS. You can test-drive Tick-the-Code.

PPS. I do mean business. Qualiteering produces substantial savings.