Symptom: Lack of resources

It doesn't really matter, which resource an organisation is lacking, be it money, time, competence. Just the lack of something essential makes it impossible for a culture of abundance to appear. If you have to worry about basic needs - having enough uninterrupted time to concentrate on the code, getting a good night's sleep regularly (in the case of massive, chronic overtime, for example) - you'll never even start to think about the higher needs of the company. You cannot. You cannot worry about usability, maintainability, extendability or security. All things that could make your product excellent and better than the competition.

Since your problem is the lack of resources, and you apparently can't get more resources, the solution is to work smarter, not harder. One way to work smarter in producing code is to add quality checks as near to the creation of code as possible. Regularly performed, quick and focused quality checks produce inevitable improvements constantly and the cumulative betterments soon enable the culture of abundance. The lessening basic quality concerns give your people more resources - time, energy, and hope - to care about what they are doing. People want to feel proud of what they do. When you're part of creating something excellent, you'll be proud.

Qualiteers Code Inspection enables excellence.

SIDETRACK: Culture of Abundance

The culture of abundance is seeing the glass as half-full instead of half-empty. It is focusing on the most important things and being positive about it. It is trusting realistically that there is enough to go around for everybody. An organisation with a quality attitude is a prime example of a culture of abundance. Such an organisation will invest time early in quality with automated unit testing and rigorous code reviews in the realistic trust that in the future the quality investment will pay itself back as a smaller backlog of errors and other negative feedback. The otherwise necessary rework will be avoided and the saved time can be invested more wisely in refining the software product.

An excellent example of culture of abundance are competing companies who co-operate in order to make the future market bigger for everybody. The culture of abundance is about win-win.

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